The school season is ending, which means more family time with your kids! Summer can mean vacations, sleepovers, movies, and camps, but the downtime away from these activities can be a sweet opportunity to make some core memories as a family. It can be tiresome to constantly stay at home all day with kids. Fortunately, Boerne, Texas provides lots of family-friendly options for summer fun for when you need a day out. Check out some of our ideas!

Walk the Creek

The sidewalk on River Road provides a great stroller and kid-friendly path for a family stroll. There are plenty of ducks and turtles to observe, and you can even stop at The Stand to get snow cones! The sidewalk is conveniently located across the street from some of Boerne’s best restaurants and has picnic tables and benches located throughout for snack breaks.

Floating the River at Guadalupe River State Park

Just a short drive from the city, Guadalupe River State Park is a great place to spend the day on the river with family and friends. Bring your favorite floaties and inner tube, some snacks and drinks, and don’t forget sunscreen! The park is also dog-friendly as long as they stay on a leash.

Play at Boerne City Park

Boerne City Park is the perfect place to spend a summer day with kids. With a pool, playground, tennis courts, trails, and more, the park is centrally located and provides great activities for the whole family. Come play in the morning, and jump in the pool when it gets hot!

Breakfast Taco Picnic

Mary’s Tacos in Boerne is famous for their amazing breakfast tacos. Grab a few tacos to go and have a picnic on the square or at a park! Picnics are a great way to spend a morning with your kids. Studies have also shown that eating meals outside can promote mental health and creativity in children. Eating breakfast outside is a great way to get outdoors before the summer sun makes it too hot.

Explore the Cascade Caverns

Located at the end of Cascade Caverns Road, these natural caves are a sight to behold! Cascade Caverns has guided tours of the caves, big dinosaur statues, and multiple nature trails. The park also has campgrounds for tents and campers, perfect for overnight adventures. This adventure is perfect for elementary-age kids that love to explore!

Walk or Ride the Old Number 9 Trail

The Old Number 9 Trail is a paved sidewalk that runs through Boerne behind the library and connects to some neighborhood roads. The trail is perfect for strollers, bikes, scooters, and any other transportation your kids want to bring. The trail is removed from busy streets and traffic, and provides great views of the hill country.

Have a Library Day

The Patrick Heath Public Library is a great place to spend a hot summer day, and is so much more than just books. The beautiful building is a great space for kids of any age to learn and explore. The library has lots of outdoor space as well for kids to run and play, and often hosts events and readings. Get a library card if you don’t already have one, and have a library day!

Go Paddleboarding at Boerne City Lake Park

Boerne Lake is a beautiful body of water that is perfect for when you’re craving a day at the beach but don’t want to drive all the way to the coast. Whether you wade into the water or choose to find activities such as kayaking or paddleboarding, the lake is always a good time. There are multiple places to set up an area to cook out and enjoy a meal, hang up hammocks, or just sit and watch the sunset. Admision is free if your zip code is 78006!

Have a Playdate at Kinderpark

Kinderpark is a park and playground that is perfect for getting out of the house on a summer day. Located at the corner of Water Street and Highland Street, it’s shaded by massive live oak trees to keep the playground cool. Get together with some friends and enjoy the day!

Explore the Trails at Cibolo Nature Center

In between Champion High School and Boerne City Park lies the entrance to Cibolo Nature Center, a nature sanctuary in the middle of the city. The nature center hosts day camps and events that are perfect for elementary-age children. It also provides a large playground and trails down by Cibolo Creek, making it the perfect place to explore and unwind. Most of the creek is shallow and safe for kids to play in.

We hope these ideas give you some options to make some memories with your family this summer without going far or spending a lot of money. These memories you make with your kids will be times they’ll hold near for years to come. Happy Summer! We’ll see you out there.