Bath time… kids either love it or hate it (let’s be honest – parents too!). Toddlers can be especially picky about bath time. Maybe you’re lucky and your toddler can’t wait to splash around in the bath tub every night. Or maybe you dread bath time because your toddler will do anything to make sure they don’t touch the water. Whether your kiddo loves bath time or hates it, we’ve got some fun bath time activity ideas that will cause any little one to forget to scream “I don’t want to wash my hair!” Check them out below!

Lego Bath
This is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of filling the bath tub with bubbles, fill it with your child’s legos and let their imaginations do the rest! Surrounded by legos and water, the building possibilities are endless and will occupy your child for as long as you want bath time to last.

Popsicle Bath
Kids LOVE popsicles, but sometimes they can cause a sticky mess. Next time you give your kids a popsicle, give it to them during bath time. The mess is contained and the sweet treat makes for a surprisingly soothing bath for your little ones.

Watercolor Paint Bath
The only time your kids will be allowed to draw on the walls! Get some washable watercolor paints and let your kids create masterpieces on the wall while their hair is being washed. It’s distracting, fun, and will wash right off when you’re done!

Glow Stick Bath
For a unique bath time experience, crack a bunch of glow sticks and stick them in the bath water. Then turn off the lights and let your kiddo be intrigued by the glow of the tub! For extra fun, blow up some balloons, stick a few glow sticks inside, and place those in the water, too.

Read-Along Bath
Switch out your little one’s normal bath time toys for a water proof picture book. Something as simple as bringing a book to bath time brings little kids so much joy! One of our favorite bath time books is Color Me: Who’s in the Water? The pages are black and white but turn color when emerged in the water. You can find this book here.

Hopefully these ideas make bath time a little more enjoyable for both your child AND you in the near future!