Whether it’s a slow Saturday morning or a relaxing Friday night, most children love watching a show. Nowadays, the options seem endless when it comes to kids shows. With new shows constantly being released on streaming services, YouTube, and more, not to mention the classic shows that will never get old, there are so many options for parents choose from. We’ve weeded through a bunch of kids shows to give you a list of our favorites.

A Note on Screen Time

Before we dive into our list of favorite shows, it’s worth mentioning screen time. We know that there is a wide range of perspectives on screen time for children. Every family is different and every child is different, so screen time will naturally look different for every family. And that’s ok! We’re not here to say whether you should limit your children’s screen time to one show a day or one show a week. You know what your family needs, and we’re simply here to support you.

Our Favorite Kids Shows

Curious George (YouTube)
This classic and beloved children’s show will never get old. Your kid will have a blast laughing with George as he gets into all kinds of trouble.

Dinosaur Train (Amazon Prime)
If you have a dinosaur lover at home, put this at the top of your list! Added bonus: it’s educational!

Tumble Leaf (Amazon Prime)
This whimsical stop motion show is full of life lessons about friendship and kindness.

Octonauts (Netflix)
This show is set underwater and all about exploration. It’s sure to inspire your little explorer.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (Amazon Prime)
Feeling nostalgic? Turn on this show, inspired by the one and only Mister Roger’s Neighborhood.

Sesame Street (HBO Max)
Chances are, you watched this very show as a kid! Introduce your own child to the classic (as well as some new) characters.

What show would you add to our list? We hope you and your little ones enjoy the shows we’ve shared. Pick a show, pop some popcorn, and curl up on the couch together some time this week.