Let’s face it, mornings with kids can be hectic. Getting dressed, brushing teeth, combing hair, and calling everyone the right name is no small feat. Throw breakfast into the mix, and some mornings can feel like an Olympic event! If you can relate, we want to share one hack that might simplify your mornings a little bit: meal prepping. We seem to hear a lot about meal prepping lunches and dinners, but did you know that there are lot of great breakfast meal prep ideas out there? Check out some of them below.

Crockpot Oatmeal

Oatmeal is the perfect breakfast to meal prep. To save even more time, use the slow cooker to make a batch big enough to last a few days! Here are some slow cooker oatmeal recipes for inspiration.

Chia Seed Pudding

If you haven’t tried chia seed pudding yet, it’s time to change that. This yummy breakfast is so easy to make ahead and grab on the go.

Mini Quiches

Whip up some of these mini quiches and enjoy them all week long. They can be stored in the freezer too, but we think your family will scarf them down before you can freeze them.

Brain Booster Pancakes

These pancakes are packed full of nutrients for your little one. While the recipe is not technically a meal prep one, these can easily be made ahead and reheated in the microwave in the morning.

Yogurt Parfaits

Fill small containers with yogurt, fruit, granola, nuts, and any other toppings you’d like. These nutritious parfaits will be ready for you and your kids to grab and enjoy the rest of the week.

Breakfast is an important meal for everyone, but it shouldn’t add any stress to your morning routine. Make your life a little easier with these meal prep breakfast ideas!