One of the best parts about being a kid is having a birthday party every year. What kid doesn’t love hanging out with all their friends, playing games and eating cake at a party just for them? It makes them feel so special!

So what do you do for your child when in-person birthday parties are not doable during the COVID-19 pandemic? We put our heads together and brainstormed ways to make your kid’s birthday extra special this year and we found some fun ways to throw your child a virtual birthday party via Zoom or another video platform! Keep reading to see some of our favorite ideas.

Pack and Send a Birthday Box to Guests
Fill a box with everything your guests need to participate in the party from their living room. Include a party hat, a party blower, any items they’ll need for the activities you’ll be doing, and a “thank you for coming” goodie bag filled with fun items of your choice. Make sure to mail the boxes a few weeks before the party to be sure they get them in time!

Throw a Costume Party
It doesn’t have to be Halloween for your child and their friends to dress up! Invite everybody to wear a costume to the virtual party, and, depending on the age group, you could give out a small prize for the most creative one.

Host a Themed Party
Take the costume party idea one step further and host a themed party! Have your child choose the theme they want – it could be their favorite movie, their favorite character, or even their favorite animal. Have all the kids dress up to match the theme, and if you choose to send a birthday box to your guests, make everything in the box theme-oriented!

Make a Craft Together
For a fun and engaging activity have your kiddo and their friends make a craft together. You can mail the items the other kids will need to make the craft, or you can ship them a craft kit straight from Amazon.

Play Games
For younger kids you can have them all play active games even while on a video chat! Play games like Simon Says or Freeze Dance. For kids who are a bit older, you can play bingo or send them all on a scavenger hunt around their house. These two games can easily be included in the birthday box if you choose to send them!

Sing Happy Birthday and Eat Cake Together
Don’t forget to top off the virtual party by singing happy birthday to your sweet kiddo and eating cake to celebrate! To make everyone feel like they’re eating cake “with” your child, send your child’s favorite cupcake recipe to the other kid’s parents and encourage them to bake them to eat during this part of the party!

Decorate Your House
No matter what you do, make sure to decorate your house for the party – especially the area where your kid will be sitting with the computer for the party! Tie balloons on their chair and hang a “Happy Birthday” banner above their head. Get creative!

Although birthday parties are going to look a little different for a while, implementing some of the ideas above will make for a special and memorable birthday celebration for your child.