Summer is in full swing, complete with sunny days, new adventures, and hopefully lots of ice cream! In the midst of what can be a busy season full of planned activities and engagements, sometimes it is nice to slow down and enjoy a quiet afternoon together. Reading is one of our favorite ways to relax—for kids and adults alike!

There are so many benefits of reading, but if your child isn’t naturally inclined to reading, they might have no interest in sitting down to read a book or look through a picture book. If you think it would be fun to incorporate some more reading into your summer schedule, here are a few ways to encourage your child to read this summer!

Go to Library Events

Libraries are a wonderful place to spend time during the summer. They are free, air conditioned, and full of books! Additionally, most libraries host various events throughout the year, including special events for children. Patrick Heath Library in Boerne hosts events for all ages, such as storytimes for toddlers and even babies. Being surrounded by books and people who love books is a great way to get your little one interested in reading. Plus, they might love getting to pick out their very own book(s) to read.

Take Books to a Park

Next time you are heading to the park, pack a few books. Instead of going home when your child is tuckered out, suggest staying a few minutes and reading a book together. You might even decide to pack a picnic and read after lunch! Incorporating reading into daily activities can help your child grow accustomed to it. They might even start looking forward to it!

Alternate Reading and Screen Time

If your child is really resistant to reading, consider alternating between reading and screen time. Maybe one day you watch a show in the afternoon, and the next day you read a book together instead. Or combine the two and read a book before you watch a show!

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Read Together

Reading when your child reads is a great way to model reading for them. When they see mom or dad reading, they might be more inclined to want to read themselves. Or, pick a chapter book and read it out loud as a family. There are lots of ways to make reading fun, and making it a regular family activity is one of them. Not to mention, reading aloud offers so many benefits to little ones.

Happy reading!